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How to Sculpt a Powerful Jawline with Face Yoga
What is Face Yoga and Why is it Important?

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Face yoga comprises a series of exercises designed to tone, lift, and tighten the muscles of your face naturally. If you’ve noticed your face looking puffy or showing signs of premature aging, this is mostly due to an accumulation of excess lymphatic fluid causing inflammation. But fret not, face yoga aids in stimulating the flow of this lymphatic system, reducing puffiness and constructing a sharper, more youthful visage.
Your 5-Minutes to a More Chiseled Jawline
Each exercise in our routine needs to be performed for 20 seconds each, and with continuity. One particular detail to remember throughout is to have your tongue pressed up against the roof of your mouth; more specifically, the back two thirds of your tongue. This is similar to the tongue position when pronouncing the ‘ing’ sound in the word ‘sing’.
1. Open the Termini
Locate the area between your collarbone and your neck, pin-point the small indent. This is your termini. Press two fingers on each and perform this movement 20 times to open them.
2. Neck Stretch
Keeping the fingers on your termini, look sideways and up. Alternate this movement between the left and the right side.
3. Alternate Face Puffs
While sticking with this regimen, maintain breathing through your nose. Remember, your tongue can’t stay on the roof of the mouth during this exercise.
4. Rick Flair + The ‘A’
Try to feel the contraction and relaxation in your masseter muscles (these are responsible for jaw movement) through this regimen.
5. Under-Chin Massage
Gently massage the area under your chin.
6. Temple Massages
Switch to soft, soothing massages by your temple. Remember, the pressure should be light and just enough to move the skin around
7. TMJ Massage
Open your mouth as wide as you can without hurting yourself. With a gentle touch, find and massage the dent that forms near the TMJ joint when your mouth is open.

For each of these exercises, ensure your face is well moisturized to avoid any unnecessary skin friction.

8. Cheekbone Massage

Find your cheekbone and massage right under it using circular movements.
9. Jaw Massage
Place your fingers on the top and bottom of your jaw. Start from where the jaw edges and massage downwards.
10. Under-Eye Massage
Massage the area under your eyebrows in soft sweeping motions.
11. Neck Muscle Massage
Identify the neck muscle and gently follow its path until you touch the termini. Repeat on the other side.
“Face yoga is the workout your facial muscles never knew they needed. A regular routine gives you control and harmony in the muscles of your face, neck, and scalp”.
Final Words
And that’s it! You’ve completed the face yoga routine designed for a chisel-like jawline. Once you’ve performed this routine, you’ll immediately feel rejuvenated. Ensure you stand before a mirror while doing these exercises, it helps. Keep this up, and within a week, you’ll start noticing subtle yet promising changes. Best of luck, and remember – consistency is key!

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© 2023, Brownricebandit LLC. All rights reserved.

© 2023, Brownricebandit LLC. All rights reserved.